Fresh air

This week I’ve been outdoors a lot trying to get some inspiration for my Light project. I wanted to try shooting as many different light sources as possible before I finally made up my mind about what theme my final set of images would have. So last night I decided to snap some cool light trails, which I’ve actually never gotten around to doing before. I think I’ll head into London next weekend so I can get a bit higher and shoot the streets from a much more powerful viewpoint, because this time I had to sit pretty close to all the traffic. I did capture some colourful light trails however, but I think the images would have a little more impact if I would have been able to shoot from a high bridge instead.

Today I went to the park because the weather was really nice, with the sun peeking from behind the passing clouds. I thought that would give some good opportunities to capture the scenery in a few different light conditions as it changed so quickly. I would love to work with some models in this park while the trees are still so colourful because I felt that the pictures I took today were lacking something… There were a few people in the park obviously, but I haven’t really got the courage (yet) to approach strangers and ask them if it would be okay for me to take some pictures with them in the frame. I’m gonna keep working on it, though!