In the spotlight

I’ve been wanting to show you my final images for the second project for about a week, but WordPress has been acting really strange and hasn’t let me upload any of the photos. But now it finally worked!

In the end I decided to have some fun with a torch so my project ended up with the theme “In the spotlight”. It was loads of fun and I did it all in my pitch black living room, using no other light source but the cheap Sainsbury’s torch I bought. (Of course I want to invest in some proper studio lights, but the torch worked just fine this time.) Since I started this course I’ve learned that you don’t always need to rely on Photoshop to make your pictures pop. The ones in this gallery haven’t been edited at all, I just resized them and added the copyright stamp.

I’m working on my next project at the moment which is called “Time”. I had a really awesome idea at first which involved a big clock, and I went around all over Bromley to find one (within a reasonable price range), but it was impossible! So I changed my mind and decided to play around a bit with shutter speed instead.