Bits and bobs

There’s a lot going on with my wedding photography assisting job right now (obviously, as we are approaching summer), shooting weddings, editing photos and designing albums. However, next weekend I’m going on holiday to Sweden for two weeks to just relax at my parents’ house and spend time with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. And I’ve got a little photo project lined up during my trip, which I’ll show you as soon as it’s complete.

My BTEC course at college is almost finished now which feels a bit weird. I have already handed in all my final projects because of my holiday etc (which will make me miss the last three lessons) and it was a bit stressful in the end to get everything finished in time (although it was a month in advance!). Next week, two of my best pictures will be showcased at the Kentwood exhibition and I’m planning on going there to take some pictures of the whole thing.