Recently I have been thinking a lot about what equipment I would like to purchase in the close future. There are many different items I eventually plan on getting, it’s just a question of deciding which ones make more sense to get first. I already know what camera I want to get (a D700) but it’s going to take some time to save up for it. So firstly I will get another lens to start out with, and at the moment I’m choosing between these two… The price differs significantly, with the 24-70mm costing around £1180 and the 50mm only around just under £300 (prices within the UK).

I’m travelling to China for two weeks from mid-October so ideally I would have a D700 with me to ensure I get ultimate quality when it comes to using high ISO, as I might be shooting in low light. I will be taking pictures of warrior monks training at the Shaolin temple in Henan and will most definitely also be using fairly fast shutter speeds, which also calls for good high ISO handling as I won’t always want to use the widest aperture in order to get sufficient light reaching the sensor. I did consider buying new equipment in China as it is a bit less expensive there than in the UK, although that creates a dilemma comes the day when something goes wrong with the lens/camera (whatever I decide to buy) and I have to send it back to have it repaired under the Chinese warranty…


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