There’s been quite a lot going on since my last post. The definite highlight is the 17 day trip to China, seeing some amazing things and of course taking lots of photos. The not so great consequence of the trip was the horrible Hong Kong flu that both me and my boyfriend ended up catching, knocking us out with a high fever and general misery for over a week when we got back home to London. This even though we got vaccinated several times before the trip! Although I guess we should count ourselves lucky that it wasn’t the avian flu we caught after all…

At the moment I’m trying to sort some things out as I’m moving to another city in a couple of weeks. I’ll miss London a lot but I think this new place will be a great opportunity for some amazing landscape and urban photography.

I will start editing the photos from China as soon as possible so I can upload them to the blog and tell you about the trip. You will have to be patient with me though, as there are so many of them!