Frequently Asked Questions

QWe hate having our photos taken, how can we avoid looking stiff?
A – Since most of us don’t work as professional supermodels, I get that being in front of a camera all day can be a bit intimidating. The good news is that my style of photography is very unobtrusive, I mostly hang around in the background capturing events from a distance as they unfold. We will of course take a brief moment away from the guests to get some loving portraits of the two of you, but I will give you plenty of guidance (and a few tasks) to make this session fun and relaxed, which will also translate into your photos. Some group shots of you and all your guests will also be arranged so it’s a good idea to write down lists in advance of the various groups that you would like to be photographed together.

QWhat if it rains during our wedding?
A – I’ll make sure to do a little sun dance first thing in the morning, but if this doesn’t work I always bring along some white umbrellas to shield us from the rain. I will also scout the location beforehand in order to pick out some good spots indoors or outdoors for portraits, regardless of the weather.

QYour pricing is a little out of our budget, can you give us a discount?
A – Weddings can be costly, I totally understand that. You spend ages planning every detail of your special day, and then before you know it, you’ll say “wow, our whole wedding went by so quickly!”.
I truly believe that most people would regret it if you didn’t make a small investment in what will essentially help keep your memories from your special day alive for the rest of your lives. Selecting a photographer can be a bit of a jungle, but the most important thing is that you choose someone that you can have a bit of a laugh with, and whose style of photography you really love. My pricing reflects more than a decade of hard work invested in refining my photography and editing skills, financial investment in top quality photographic equipment, researching suitable portrait locations unique to your specific wedding venue, my undivided attention through my lens during your wedding, hours of sorting through often thousands of photos, selecting the best ones that I will then individually edit, and finally delivering these to you on a USB key presented in a beautifully handmade keepsake box.

QHow quickly will we receive the photos after the wedding?
A – Depending on how many hours of coverage you have booked me for, it will usually take between 4-6 weeks. Post processing and organising such a large number of photos takes time and I want you to love every single photo that I deliver, which is why I develop them all individually in either colour or monochrome for a distinct feel.

QShould we offer you anything to eat at the wedding?
A – If you have booked me for the whole day, yes please! Even photographers need to eat, especially in order to stay energised and focused for a full day of shooting. I usually take a little break and don’t photograph too much during the actual meal (not many people like seeing photos of themselves stuffing their face with cake anyway…!)