I spent two very hot weeks in my boyfriend’s native Romania this summer. I enjoy travelling to new countries that differ from your usual surroundings, not just because it comes hand in hand with lots of photographic opportunities, but also because I think you learn to appreciate how different people and their cultures are in various parts of the world. If you never get to see this for yourself, you will probably create your own biased opinion of certain countries or people, which might not necessarily correspond to reality.

Many years ago, I remember seeing a documentary about Romanian children living on the streets, seeking shelter from the cold winter in sewers and under bridges. This was the only thing that had formed my impression of the country, which was clearly quite shocking. I don’t remember when this documentary was filmed (if it was during or after the communism), however it is safe to say that my impression has now changed.

We visited Reşiţa, Lăpuşnicu Mare, Băile Herculane and lots of other little places that I can’t remember the name of. Fishing, barbecues in the woods, swimming, watching football and lots of picture taking pretty much sums up these two weeks. We also took a road trip for a couple of days, driving along the Serbian border and all over Caras-Severin. Saw stunning views of mountains, sunsets, waterfalls and the Danube river… Will definitely be going back again.


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