Edinburgh Castle

A few days ago, I was wandering about in town and wanted to get a really good shot of Edinburgh Castle, as I’ve previously only taken some quick snaps whilst passing by. The architecture in this city is truly amazing and very inspiring for photography, although I do think that you start taking things like that for granted after living in the same place for a while. I mean, in how many city centres in the world will you be able to find a mountain crowned by a castle?

I need to start expanding my landscape/cityscape portfolio now that I’ve finally got my new camera. I used my Nikkor 24-70mm with my Nikon D80 before, but it’s such a difference to actually use it with a full frame. It feels like I’ve unlocked the full potential of the lens, especially when using it on the wide end. It will be fun experimenting with Scottish architecture and it will also get me to start appreciating my current surroundings a bit more.

I love Princes Street gardens which is just below the castle, especially during autumn. The lush trees are a beautiful contrast to all the surrounding buildings (as well as roadworks now that they’re installing the tram)…


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