West coast of Sweden

As a little girl, I was always looking forward to when me and my family were going for our next trip to the west coast (we used to go camping with a caravan). I have so many wonderful memories from back then, those never-ending summers. It’s strange how your perception of time changes as you get older, I wonder why that is? I guess you tend to live more in the moment as a child, you aren’t constantly thinking ahead.

Gothenburg has always been and will always be one of my absolute favourite cities. I lived there for a few years during my university studies and would like to live there again at some point. I love the friendly people, their charming accent, the beautiful city in itself, the closeness to the sea and the fantastic shopping facilities, to name a few. I worked at the amusement park Liseberg for a few years and it was such a happy place to come into every day. My years in Gothenburg included both happy, sad, exciting and scary times, but this city will always have a special place in my heart.

I visited my friend Karin, her boyfriend and their adorable cats in Stora Höga, just north of Gothenburg. It felt like we were in the countryside, with the big fields and cows strolling leisurely with their calves… I can imagine living in a place like that when I’ve had enough of the city life, surrounded by calm.



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