Lina & Melvin

A little while ago, I went back home to Sweden to visit friends and family – and to take lots of pictures of course. It was still very cold and there was plenty of snow, something that we don’t really get a lot of here in Edinburgh. I love snow and think that it’s an important part of the winter season. The white snowflakes that brighten up the sky as they fall, and then reflect the light of the city when it settles on the ground. It makes everything look so clean and white, if only for a little while. And of course the crunchy sound and sensation of stepping on freshly fallen snow… It’s just wonderful.

It was great to experience real winter for a week. I went snowboarding for a day with a friend and my brother, but I made the decision not to bring my camera with me up and down the slopes. It would be great to have a nice little compact for those purposes, something that you can just slip in your pocket. Maybe next time.

A couple of my friends recently had babies and it was amazing to get to meet the little guys. Tiny feet, tiny hands and cute little noises, they were both so adorable. I thought I’d share some pictures I took of Lina and her son Melvin, who was not even a month old when I visited. More pictures from Sweden will follow soon!


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