I’ve been to Norway a few times but for some reason I’ve never visited the capital. My little sister Elin moved there last year so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get a quick look around. It was a really lovely city and it was so great to get to spend some time with my sister again.

Before my flight back to the UK, I also met up with my old friend Nicklas who works as a graphic designer in Oslo. As I’m not very familiar with the city, he suggested that I should get down to Aker Brygge to take some photos. I ended up walking around there for at least an hour – so pretty! I love just walking around in cities where you haven’t been before, especially when you have nothing but your camera as company. It makes you take your time and really take in the surroundings. I think it also helps you get a better sense of orientation of the city, when going through the photos afterwards and remembering the places you came across.


I never quite understood the deal with the two red lights at crossings, though. One red light = don’t cross, two red lights = most certainly don’t cross?


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