Endless Swedish summer days

I go back to Sweden each summer to visit family and friends. This year there was almost like a tropical heatwave at the time, so quite a few lazy days were spent in the sun and going swimming. It’s so nice to go back home to re-charge your batteries, eating Swedish food and just enjoy seeing familiar places and faces. People’s mentality there seems to transform during the summer, everyone acts so relaxed and just takes the day as it comes.

I went to see Kenna who had a little daughter, Lii, a couple of months ago. I don’t think her son Neo recognised me from the last time I saw him but we played for hours on their decking, sheltered from the sunshine. I also went to Alingsås to see my cousin Linnéa, her husband and their two children.

Toward the end of my holiday, I stayed at my friend Karin’s place in Stora Höga. She treated me to some delicious thai food and we spent the warm evening in her garden by candle light, talking about life. The final weekend I went to Norway, spending time with my sister and her boyfriend. We went on a spontaneous roadtrip in the Norwegian mountains which resulted in some pretty awesome photos. Watch this space…



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