I’m currently working on going through all of the photos I took in Italy back in December, and thought I’d show you a bit of a sneak peek for now. It’s crazy how many times you can actually manage to press the shutter during just a long weekend away in a new city! I’m also heading off to California in a couple of days (my first time in the US!) which will undoubtedly result in quite a few photos. I will share some of these at a later stage and tell you a little more about my time there.

The trip to Rome and Latina was a lovely experience, Italy’s capital is a city I had wanted to visit for a long time. Amazing food, stunning architecture and plenty of photo opportunities. My kind of holiday! I’ve been to Venice, Trieste and Bibione in the past, but would also like to visit Milano, Florence and Naples at some stage. I truly believe that travelling the world is such an important ingredient for a rich and memorable life. The list of places I would like to see is endless… But I will definitely tick them off – one country at a time.


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