Emelie, Wilma & John

Emelie has a great eye for top quality photography, and has decorated pretty much every room of her house with framed photographs (something I keep telling myself I need to do more!).

She wanted to arrange an autumnal photo session with her two kids, Wilma and John, to take advantage of the beautiful colours of this photogenic season, and to add some more photos of the newest family member to the walls of their house. Conveniently enough, there was a perfect spot for this right beyond their back garden, so we all wrapped up warm and went outside for a little stroll, picking lingonberries and pine cones, and enjoying the sunshine. The day was filled with lots of smiles, and the three of them were so easy to photograph and such a delight to spend time with.

If you like my work and are interested in arranging a fun, relaxed, and friendly photo session with an affordable and experienced portrait photographer, just get in touch for a chat and I’ll be happy to hear about your ideas!



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