Norwegian mountains

I visited my sister and her boyfriend in Jessheim, Norway, and one day we spontaneously decided to head out on a little roadtrip. We drove for several hours and ended up at Vøringfossen, a famous waterfall with a drop of 182 m. It was pretty scary to stand near the edge, bearing in mind that a few people had fallen off and plunged to their death here… It was a breathtaking view nevertheless and we also saw plenty of beautiful sights during the drive there and back. The majority of the photos were taken from a moving car but we did also stop at a couple of spots to take in the scenery through our viewfinders.

The roadtrip reminded me of the Scottish Highlands, a place I hope to visit again within the next few months. It’s interesting how you can be living in a city, but it’s just a matter of jumping in a car and driving for a few hours and then you will be in a completely different type of landscape, surrounded by mountains and lakes.

Me and my sister’s boyfriend Fredrik are both Nikon shooters so we swapped lenses for a bit. I’ve been thinking about getting a 50mm or 85mm prime for a good while now so I tried his Nikkor 50mm (think it was f/1.8). I loved the creamy soft bokeh of the lens, they are inexpensive enough so I might be convinced to get one myself…



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