Wudang Kung-Fu

A week ago, I shot a Chinese New Year event at the Church Hill Theatre in Edinburgh. There were various performances, including a Wudang Kung-Fu show with students from the Soenren School of Spiritual Arts (which is a different branch than Shaolin, which I was documenting during my trip to China a bit over a year ago). I put my new Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 to the test and I must say that I am very pleased with the outcome! Some of the pictures have also been uploaded here. I previously used this lens whilst working in wedding photography, and I instantly fell in love with the quality it was capable of producing.

A few years ago when I was competing in karate back in Sweden, I also enjoyed shooting the competitors in action, in between my own matches. The excitement when you know that a great move is coming up and you are trying to capture it just at the right moment… It’s more difficult than it may seem, because the competitors are extremely quick! I do really miss it sometimes as it’s a sport where you strive hard to develop your skills. It’s a fun but challenging way to stay in shape and I have met lots of great people during my many years as a karate practitioner.

Here are some photos from last week, enjoy.