Roots Soda

There’s a great little café on Broughton Street here in Edinburgh called Artisan Roast. It’s got such a relaxed atmosphere in comparison to most other cafés, they play interesting music, showcase work by local artists & photographers, and barely ever fail to serve a perfect cappuchino.

A little while back, I saw that they were selling this soft drink called Roots Soda. It came in two different flavours called Hoodoo (citrus, hibiscus & chilli) and Caleidoscope (strawberry, orange, basil & balsamico). I tried the Hoodoo version and really liked it, so I came back a few days later and bought a bottle of each flavour to bring home with me.

The ingredients are quite… different, and gave me an idea for a little still life project. I don’t shoot still life so much these days but it is great fun, although it does take a bit of planning. The great thing is that you can decide on whatever theme you like and the options are endless. Maybe that’s why it can sometimes seem a bit daunting; just because it’s such an open project. Only your imagination will limit the outcome.

It was a bit tricky to find a hibiscus flower for the Hoodoo soda, so I had to improvise and use a pomegranate instead. This flavour does contain pomegranate, although it’s only mentioned in fine writing on the back of the bottle for some reason…