Long time, no see

I’ve been keeping myself busy lately with my new photography assisting job, my retail job, college work and whatnot, so finding time to sit down by my own computer to edit photos has been hard. My college course has now moved on to the second module, Location Photography, which I think will be very interesting. I’ll be going on various photographic trips around London to do my future projects, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you the results relatively soon!

So I finally managed to take some time to edit a few photos from my most recent college projects. What I quickly edited today was the Self Image project I mentioned a while ago. I used these photos to create my own little magazine advertisement for Nikon. I did have some writing to go with the pictures as well but I thought the photos work fine on their own here on the blog.

2 Replies to “Long time, no see”

  1. Komisk – jag tog en bild med samma idé till en teaterföreställning jag täckte – well, din va dock finare då det va mer en spontan idé vi fick på plats jag och skribenten. Har kollat över lite av dina bilder btw – eyecandy^^



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