China candids

During our trip to China in October last year I ended up with a lot more photos than I imagined and today I wanted to share some of the portraits with you. I love this candid style of photography, when your subject doesn’t know you are taking their portrait. You can truly capture their personality this way, and you avoid silly or strained poses.

These photos are mostly from around the Shaolin Temple near Dengfeng, Henan. We stayed in a very tiny village where barely any foreigners came. Therefore, all the residents and Chinese tourists were completely fascinated with us as we looked so different. Everywhere I went there were people staring at me and my hair (and even wanted to touch it!). At first it was a little scary and weird, but after a while it almost became annoying. People stopped me on the street because they wanted me to stand next to them in photos, as proof that they had actually seen a non-Asian woman in China. It was like a different world…

It was an amazing trip though, that I will remember forever. Take a look at the rest of the photos here.

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